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The National Long-Term Care Ombudsman Resource Center provides support, technical assistance and training to the 53 State Long-Term Care Ombudsman programs and their statewide networks of over 400 local Ombudsman entities. The Center's objectives are to enhance the skills, knowledge, and management capacity of the State programs to enable them to handle residents' complaints and represent resident interests in both individual and systems advocacy. Funded by the Administration for Community Living (ACL), the Center is operated by The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care, in cooperation with the AD-vancing States.


All tasks undertaken by the Center are designed and developed with input from Ombudsman programs, the National Association of State Long-Term Care Ombudsman Programs (NASOP), the National Association of Local Long-Term Care Ombudsmen (NALLTCO), and other relevant organizations to ensure that the needs of Ombudsman programs across the country are being addressed. These tasks are developed with the understanding that in supporting Long-Term Care Ombudsman programs, the Center is ultimately contributing to the improvement of the quality of life and care of residents in long-term care facilities. The Center engages in the following activities and services:

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  • Provides consultation, information, and referral for Ombudsman programs and for the residents, families, and others who use Ombudsman services
  • Provides training opportunities and training resources for Ombudsman programs
  • Promotes public awareness of the role of the Ombudsman pro-grams in long-term care
  • Works to improve Ombudsman program effectiveness in meeting the needs of residents, including those served by managed care organizations and those in alternative settings, such as Medicaid waiver programs
  • Identifies research needs and promotes research on issues which affect the Ombudsman programs or their constituents 
  • Supports the Ombudsman volunteer component through work with national or state-wide efforts to recruit volunteers for the program
  • Works cooperatively with all organizations and agencies which have as their mission the protection of individuals who reside in long-term care settings
  • Promotes understanding and cooperation between Ombudsman programs and citizen advocacy groups.

Last Modified: 11/30/2023